The Last Lavender

Today is the day.   The last lavender distillation of 2013.   After today, there will not be enough lavender in the yard.  Plus I’m going away for a couple of weeks, so I won’t have the time for any more distilling.   I’ve managed to collected about 20 mls of essential oil so far, not counting the stuff I managed to spill all over the floor when I was distracted and outside…

IMG_20130711_114950I should be starting to heat the pots around 1 pm.   Come on by if you want to check it out!



Restocking Again!

It’s been a long January, full of snow and skis, but not a lot of soap beyond what I see in my bathroom every day!  And can you believe it’s almost halfway through February already?   Where is it going?!!!

Today I restocked the soap shelves at Cariboo Keepsakes, except for the lavender which is waiting for me to print more lables.  Tomorrow, I think…

Please remember if you’re looking for a particular product to give me a call or send me an email.   I’m usually around close by and can either deliver soaps/butters/balms or meet you somewhere for transfer!

happy snow days!



A Few of My Favourite Things

(cue the music)

 Raindrops on Roses and


Whiskers on kittens

Bright copper kettles and


warm woolen mittens


Brown paper packages tied up with string,


These are a few of my favourite things….


When the dog bites!


When the bee stings!


When I’m feeling sad

I simply remember my favourite things


And then I don’t feel so bad!


Last Quesnel Christmas market tomorrow!  See you there!  Fresh Loofah Citrus Slice bars will be there 🙂   Plus limited edition Christmas Soaps!




A Maker

This is from an email sent to me by the website and I thought it was worth sharing.   This is for all those people out there, busting their butts making and creating to get ready for the next craft show, or Christmas gifts, or charities, or whatever they feel the need to make.

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“Making is different. It is special, meaningful and long-lasting in a world full of disposable items. It stretches us to do things we never thought we could do, enables us to enjoy child-like pride over something we have created, connects us to people in our community and around the world and perhaps most importantly, creates cherished moments and memories that are sure to out-live us.

So, thank you for being a maker. Thank you for enriching the lives of your friends and family members through your creations.”


That pretty much says it all.

Happy making!


(I think I’ll go knit a few rows on those mitts I’ve been working on, wash up my soap pots and get ready to make several batches of soap:  tea tree with green clay, anise soap special order, scout out sandalwood oil to see if it’s available for another possible special order, prep up moulds for shampoo bars, shaving bars, and citrus slice loofah bars…oh yeah, and do my “paid” forestry mapping work too!   Whew!   I’m already tired just thinking about it at 9 am.   Maybe I’ll go have a nap first…)


oh yeah, and the toque I had to finish at 1 am last night, because I can’t find any of my other toques and my ears get too cold on my morning walk with the dog!



Christmas Soap

While visions of sugar plums


danced in their heads.


Peppermint swirled with Smoky Plum Mica.   There is the faintest hint of glittery purple peeking through the soap.


Unveiling will be at the Christmas market this Saturday at the Rec Centre.  See you there!



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Well, not quite, but both kids are home sick with the flu.   Again.   I’ve run out of empathy for sick children.   Get well and get to school so I can have my days back!!!!  I haven’t had sick kids like this since they were both tiny.   Yuck!

So once again, my daily plans need to be altered. 

In revenge, I’m thinking seriously about starting snawheid, from , just to give me some sanity.   This is in complete denial of all the soap left to cut and wrap, body butter to be, um, buttered and packed in jars and labeled, dishcloths and washcloths to be knit from cotton and linen…

…but it would give me a bit of a lift, briefly.   Then I would go back to my panic of trying to get ready for the market this Saturday!!


Pots Ahoy!

Hurray!   A pottery friend has saved the day, and will glaze fire my pottery for me.   Whew!   There will be new Fishy Dishies for the market this weekend, plus other soap dishes and shaving soap mugs.  The market starts at 10 am this Saturday at the Quesnel & District Arts & Recreation centre.   I’ll be in the back corner of the West Fraser Timber Room.   Come say hi!